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NIBA Essentials' All-Natural Tea Blends are designed to provide short and long-term benefits to remedy a variety of issues. Choose from one of the blends below or customize your own. If you choose to customize please describe your need in the comments below.  Our tea blends are available in 2 oz packets which can make approxiamtely 10-15 cups of tea. 

                                               Tea Blends

  • Ready, Set, Grow! - Assists with hair regrowth
  • Ready, Set, Relax! - Calming blend to assist with relaxation and to help fight relestness and insomnia
  • Ready, Set, Go! - A Citrus, energy providing blend
  • Ready Set Relief! - A pain easing tea blend for aching joints and inflammation
  • Women's Blend - Fortified with probiotics and geared to help women maitian a proper pH balance
  • Tummy Blend - Gently helps fight belly fat and constipation Turmeric Defense - Fights cold and flu symptops 
  • Detox Blend - Assists in fighting alcohol cravings

NIBA Tea Blends

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Our Tea Blends are available in 2 ounce bags which can make approximately 10-15 cups of tea.  

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